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OEM Parts


Original Equipment Manufactured (also known as OES or just OE). OE, is a generic term that refers to the part that came as Original Equipment on the car.

Most car manufacturers assemble cars from purchased components and manufacture only the sheet metal components. Accordingly, the "Genuine part" you can buy from your dealer is most likely made by another

company, sold to the car maker, who then passes it to the country franchise holder, who then supplies to their dealer network, for ultimate sale to you!

Common European OE's are Bosch, Bilstein, Valeo, Siemens VDO, Sachs, and LuK etc.

OE parts are not only normal but are actually required by international quality management standards for the manufacturers. That is, car manufacturers must have a substitute source (i.e. multiple suppliers) for

certain types of parts in order that any problems with one supplier cannot disable the car manufacturer's production, or affect any warranty claims or repairs etc.

We deal directly with many OE companies and can therefore not only supply essentially the same parts as your local dealer, but can do so usually at substantially lower prices!

It may not come in a package with the car manufacturers name or Logos on it, but it is in a great deal of instances, the very same part, manufactured by the very same OE company as originally supplied on your vehicle.



An "aftermarket" part is one that's been copied from the OEM or GENUINE part. In many cases, this is done to offer a lower cost alternative. But in most cases the benefit of the lower price is far outweighed by its major disadvantage - it's usually an inferior product and ends up costing you much more in the end in avoidable repairs, lessened product life, as well as potentially compromising safety.

R.O.N.A.X doesn't believe in cheap aftermarket imitations, and as a result does not offer any of the same. We simply will not sell inferior parts.

We do believe though in giving customers choice. Therefore as long as the aftermarket part is what we consider to be of OEM quality then we will offer you this alternative. To ensure quality, only suppliers who are accredited with the stringent DIN EN ISO 9001 certification are used.