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For Opel: Original spare parts at top conditions

When it comes to their own Opel, owners commonly do not save with praise for the fulfillment of his part in everyday life. However, the journey over rough and smooth over the course of car life also takes its toll on a vehicle that stands in the nimbus of reliability. If you want to buy genuine Opel spare parts and save money at the same time, then you should contact Car Parts professional R.O.N.A.X. E. K. spot on. We offer original spare parts for Opel and many other brands at attractive prices.

Leave your Opel Original: Spare Parts From R.O.N.A.X. Help

Whether interior parts for the Opel Kadett E, original spare parts for the body of the classic Coupé Monza or components for current model series such as the Vivaro, Astra or Adam: The selection with us is almost limitless. We can easily deliver almost any part you need to maintain or repair your car or a customer vehicle - in the same product packaging and with the same warranty - in line with model year and model year, but at significantly lower prices than the GM dealer.

Spare Parts In Stock - Help Is At Hand

Our Spare Parts Stock at the former Opel production site in Bochum includes original spare parts of all kinds. In combination with an automated online ordering process as well as fast warehouse and shipping logistics, we will deliver the ordered components to you within a maximum of three days in Germany and a maximum of ten days worldwide. Thus, we cover the needs of both private and business customers - and certainly yours.

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