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Peugeot: Original Spare Parts At R.O.N.A.X. Cheaper order

In many ways, the French manufacturer Peugeot is an original. Automobiles and spare parts have been produced here since the middle of the 19th century, making the brand with the characteristic lion in the crest one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world. The sales figures in the considerable double-digit million range speak a clear language. At the same time, Peugeot is the originator of many innovations, such as the introduction of the consumption-optimized mid-range car at the end of the sixties or the consistent development and testing of alternative drive concepts in the modern era. Our strength lies in supplying you with original spare parts for Peugeot various years of construction.

For almost every Peugeot original spare parts

Our selection in the field of Genuine Car Parts proves to be as extensive as the model range of Peugeot. You would like to retrofit a navigation system in the Minivan 1007, get a Peugeot 306 Cabriolet from the nineties and replace worn windows or buy original accessories and spare parts for a commercial Peugeot Boxer or Partner? The solution for all these and countless other tasks can be found in our assortment. At usually much cheaper conditions than the authorized dealer for Peugeot, but also original, you will receive replacement parts in the same packaging and with identical warranty.

Genuine Car Parts - Worldwide Shipping

And the time factor also speaks for R.O.N.A.X. With our large central warehouse in Bochum, a branch in Moscow and a global network of contacts, we are prepared for all challenges - our streamlined organization with a focus on consistent digitization and automation creates the basis for a rapid supply of parts. The rule: 1-3 days throughout Germany, 4-10 days for the delivery of Genuine Car Parts in all countries.

Register, order original Peugeot items, install replacement parts - there are three easy steps to follow thanks to R.O.N.A.X. can save a lot of money!