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How to order

Please read below carefully.
The usage of this site and your placement of an order indicate an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

How to order /  Web Guide 



2.How to make an order or to import list of part numbers

3.Payment method

4.Online progress of the order + instruction


6.Customs Declaration = ABD = Export declaration

7.Shippings method




First of all customer have to make registration on our web site https://www.original-carparts.com
Please fill in all official registered details of company in requested areas.
*All further documents will be based on this registered info.

Customers from EU should obligatory fill in VAT number.
After registration customer should inform his/her manager about complete registration or to write an email to web@ronax.de.

After informing, we will set our best prices to your account.
Then you can make orders and check prices.

2.How to make an order or to import list of part numbers



3.Payment method

We accept only Bank transfers.
Payment method - whole sum at once 100% or 30% prepayment and the rest before collection the goods.

We start proceed orders straight after receiving payment/prepayment on our account.

*Sometimes our Bank charges fee per transactions, fee depends on cooperation details between our Banks. We would like to inform you in advance, we do not cover this charges. All our customers cover these fees by them-self.

Our minimum order is 1000 EUR.

4.Online progress of the order + instruction

On our website you can follow the progress of your orders in real time 24/7, information like:
Packing list [dimensions of packages]
Customer’s balance
Dispatch date
All information about each part etc.

How to find your Customer Number:

Here you can find meaning of symbols:




Please follow online progress of the orders and let your manager know when we can start packing already received goods.
If you have any special conditions of packing, please inform your manager before we start packing.
*Packed goods do not repacking, in unusual occasions please contact your manager.

When goods are packed you can download Packing List or manager will send you by email.
Based on this Packing list you can arrange collection.

Please inform us 24h before pick up, to avoid delays and misunderstood.
Please don’t forget to send to your manager LABELS which we will attach to your package, in case if it is needed.

During collection your courier has to say your Reference Number, otherwise goods won't be issued.
Your Reference Number is your Customer Code or/and Shipping Number SE******

How to find SE number [shipment number]:

<img alt="" data-cke-saved-src="/ckfinder/userfiles/images/Shippng%20SE%20number(2).jpg" src="/ckfinder/userfiles/images/Shippng%20SE%20number(2).jpg" style="height:233px; width:800/>

How to download Packing List:

Here you can find all your requests:

All any changes you can find here:

How to download Delivery Note (LS) or Final Invoice (RN):

6.Customs Declaration = ABD = Export Declaration

We would like to inform you, that German Customs needs 24h after our request for Export Documents.
After our request, it is unable to add any parts to request/packing.  

7.Shippings method

We do not provide transport services, but I can advise you a company which does, it is our long term partner - ‘’Claridon’’ transport company or you can use TNT, DHL, UPS or others Post service.
All our customers arrange pick up by them-self or by ‘’Claridon’’ company.

In case if you are using ‘’Claridon’’ service:
Your manager will make request to ‘’Claridon’’ to get know the cost of shipping.
Based on quoted cost, customer makes decision, please response to email straight after receiving the quotation.
All payments for shipping, customer makes to ‘’RONAX’’, based on Shipping Pro Forma Invoice.
During all email conversation with ‘’Claridon’’ customer will be in CC of each email.

Contacts of ‘’Claridon’’ transport company:

Claridon Deutschland GmbH
DUS-Air-Cargo-Center, Office 5.764
D-40474 Düsseldorf

Eduard E.
Tel.:      +49 (0) 211 300 353 - 11
Fax:      +49 (0) 211 300 353 - 29
Mobil.:  +49 (173) 753 276 1



Dear customers, when you see this sing  it means you got news, please check it everytime, because it could be very important news for you.
There we inform our customers about our Holidays, when we are off, about new actions, new discounts, some special offers etc.

It appears on the top of the website: